Giant Chess Set

Giant Wooden Garden Chess Sets make a stunning garden feature and an absorbing pastime. Giant Chess can be displayed as an ornament in your garden or patio or a game can be left undisturbed during several days of play

Outdoor Chess for gardens, parks, resorts, hotels, schools, campgrounds, back yard, chess club, decoration and community centres. We have variety size for outdoor playing : from 16" to 72" king tall Also have 8" and 12" wooden chess for indoor or for table.

Specialize in custom Wooden Giant Chess sets and Chess Boards.
We are sure that you will love the beauty and uniqueness of our Famous Teak Wood Chess Sets!.

We offer our customers Custom made Giant Chess sets at an affordable price.
While we reproduce the classic Staunton look, custom pieces are available and will be carved to client specifications.

Our sizes range from 8" King Tall to 72" King Tall

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