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Lipkin Furniture, Coatesville, PA

Lipkin Furniture, Coatesville, PA
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Lipkin's opened here in 1947. It was a popular store for a while. Over the years, they grew out and built a couple new stores. They went out of business in 2012. I remember they wouldn't stop with the radio ads about the closing sales. It got annoying after a couple months. This building, on the other hand, was pretty well liked by the people in town, and I believe was on a couple historic registers. Unfortunately, that was not enough to save it when plans for a new mixed-use development on this block were made. It was knocked down in late 2017
Date: 2018-04-14 22:09:14

Lipkin'sFurniture Closed Demolished Coatesville

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That sucks :(
Retail Retell 2018-04-15 09:46:28
[] Yeah, I wasn't happy about it. Neither was the town, apparently. I was planning on coming by here and getting more pictures at some point, but that never happened.
PlazaACME 2018-04-16 00:22:01

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