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Beaumont Texas ~ Mlldred Building Complex ~ Mediterranean Architecture ~ My Old Photo

Beaumont Texas ~ Mlldred Building Complex ~ Mediterranean Architecture ~ My Old Photo
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Built in 1929 by oil tycoon Frank Yount and his wife, Patsy, The Mildred Building was named for their only daughter and is one of Beaumont's most outstanding examples of architecture from that era.

A designated historical landmark, the Mildred Complex consists of an apartment building with an adjacent business arcade connected by a fenced courtyard, the only one of its kind in the Beaumont. Working with P.E. Robinson of the Austin Company, the Younts chose the Mediterranean style with 16th and 17th century Spanish influence, seen in the building's crests and wooden beam motif.

The 18-unit apartment building was an architectural marvel for its time due to such modern innovations such as central vacuum, cooling, and recessed radiators. No two apartments are alike in design and many still contain Mildred originals furniture and accent pieces custom designed for each apartment. The famed Rooftop Promenade provides an excellent vantage point to view the city's downtown skyline.
The Mildred Buildings are a Mediterranean Revival style complex of apartment, store and garage buildings on half a city block
Date: 2015-11-12 00:09:05

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Onasill ~ Bill Badzo 2015-11-11 20:53:00
Onasill ~ Bill Badzo 2015-11-11 20:53:06
splendid capture !
sgmillionxu2000 2015-11-12 00:13:19
Magnifica toma ,excelente punto de luz y color ,Abrazos amigo,
teresopi 2015-11-12 00:14:33
Great shot. Beautiful architecture.
gabriele968 very busy 2015-11-12 00:14:41
splendid capture
Toraja Bali 2015-11-12 00:17:11
Excellent image
tsuping.liu 2015-11-12 00:24:44
Fantastic shot and architecture, Bill. Have a restful evening.
Serge Dai 2015-11-12 00:28:17
that is one nice building...nice vintage feel to this...wonderful capture, Bill
~anup PHOTOGRAPHY~ 2015-11-12 00:35:39
Bela imagem, show
JJSantosphoto 2015-11-12 00:37:02
beautiful old photo, the building really looks awesome and outstanding. Have a nice evening, Bill.
yusuf ks 2015-11-12 00:49:07
Great tone and beautiful building!
Robert...P 2015-11-12 01:01:51
This is a beautiful building and it's for apartments, the architecture is stunning. You can see the Mediterranean style on the building and is fantastic. Nice work my friend and great history on the building my friend and have a wonderful evening my friend
jeffchartier57 2015-11-12 01:13:30
Guylaine Begin 2015-11-12 01:19:12
Superb shot Bill.
S.E.B.69 (AWAY) 2015-11-12 02:06:53
Cool history on this old building! I was just in this area a few weeks ago on an interview! Too bad I did not see this building :)
Bereno DMD 2015-11-12 02:53:20
This is amazing…thanks for the historical comment..
lively measure 2015-11-12 03:19:25
1996! Great work, Bill!
I Nair 2015-11-12 03:44:45
Great shot........ love the architecture!
becky04181949 2015-11-12 03:48:28
Excellent shot, nice capture my friend !!!
memon.ali262 2015-11-12 04:52:49
Excellent capture and lovely post processing!
Ray of Peace 2015-11-12 04:57:19
awesome tone and light here .. regards
ByotA .. Off 2015-11-12 05:01:41
Superb work Onasill
Enjoy your time my friend!
RUSSIANTEXAN 2015-11-12 05:20:19
This is a wonderful building captured
1001 Rabbits 2015-11-12 06:04:11
excellent building capture and lovely history to share with! well done my friend! have a nice day tomorrow! 2015-11-12 06:13:54
What a beautiful building!!! It looks a bit Spanish and it's amazingly decorated! Superb hues and tones here, Bill. I love your oldies ;D
marsider07 2015-11-12 06:40:47
Interesting place
Jocey K 2015-11-12 07:32:29
an interesting architecture ...
nice colors of the processing
have a nice day Bill !
mariola aga 2015-11-12 07:53:07
Excelente registro.
Bom dia, amigo.
Vale da Neblina 2015-11-12 08:41:04
Nice tones and great treatment !
Happy Thursday,my friend :-) !
lwtt93 2015-11-12 09:28:21
1996 ... Long time ago ... Great shot !!!
*Crome83* 2015-11-12 11:46:07
Great capture, my friend , such a lovely photo !!
maraymondo 1 2015-11-12 11:50:32
Really a beautiful design from this POV, have a great day my friend.
what i see2011 2015-11-12 12:27:34
Lovely architecture. Thanks for the info Bill.
Yolanta Z 2015-11-12 12:52:22
Bom dia Bill, maravilhosa fotografia e como sempre com excelente explanação, tenha uma ótima quinta meu caro amigo!
pedro.inox 2015-11-12 13:31:03
You do share with us the most incredible buildings Bill, complete with fascinating description... Love your processing too !! Happy Thursday to you my friend :-)
Anne J ~ poetic photography 2015-11-12 14:19:18
What a marvelous looking architecture, beautiful details and well captured!
Good morning Bill!
ineedathis, Everyday I get up, it's a great day! 2015-11-12 15:03:39
Gorgeous architecture and amazing fine details, Bill!! Excellent work!!!!!
plausible skin 2015-11-12 15:12:58
Great compo, dear!
meghimeg 2015-11-12 16:11:19
Preciosas Bill, la edición muy buena les queda genial mi amigo.
Un saludo y buenas tardes compañero.
M. Piñeiro 2015-11-12 16:18:02
Really fascinating story!
ascholtz101 2015-11-12 16:20:59
wonderful architectur.
rubenss( busy) 2015-11-12 17:00:18
Wonderful building very interesting and superb info Bill.
Papucho Photography 2015-11-12 17:12:58
Hi Bill and Happy Thursday.
Wonderful capture of this building in the Mediterranean style.
Very interesting accompanying notes too.
I'mDKB 2015-11-12 17:27:04
It's leaning Bill.. initially I thought it's the tower of pisa.. love the orange process though.. makes it look rather 60s.. Audrey Hepburn would love it.. it's her era.. :)
余小飞 Xyrex Xiao-Fei YU 2015-11-12 17:45:08
Old but perfect shot, very interesting building, dear friend Bill
You are always excellent in composition and object.
We have unexpectedly warm and sunny weather. I spent the day in the nature, It is pity to be in the house with computer.
Hugssssssssssss !
kontinova2 2015-11-12 18:07:50
Bella diagonale, e la p.p. mi piace molto, ciao Bill, grazie e buona serata amico mio.
marilù ON 2015-11-12 19:19:14
Nice building and well taken
whimsical_male 2015-11-12 19:29:18
Excellent tones, Bill:)
gamy cent 2015-11-12 19:53:50
Unusual architecture Bill. :O)
spuddie7 2015-11-12 20:35:39
Absolutely fantastic......great shot my friend !!
Have a good evening.
marcellociappi 2015-11-12 20:48:41
Superb performance.
goodway1689 2015-11-12 20:50:42
Very nice picture!
Helga Guðmundsdóttir 2015-11-12 21:08:16
Your very old collection is marvellous too, Bill!
Josef Lex (El buen soldado Švejk) 2015-11-12 21:18:41
Wonderful building .Great shot.
Rosie Girl1 2015-11-12 21:42:24
Very impressive architecture Bill, thanks for sharing and have a cozy evening 🔥
Rosa Dik 009 -- catching up ! 2015-11-12 21:46:27
Magnificent captured my friend!
Bijan1351 2015-11-12 22:15:26
Bella imagen ,excelente punto de luz y color ,Abrazos amigo,
teresopi 2015-11-12 22:44:32
superb! thanks for sharing!!!
mnovela2293 2015-11-12 23:14:05
Excellent architecture. Nice tones
tiofeote 2015-11-13 22:29:05
Interesting the history of this complex.
ADRIANO ART FOR PASSION 2015-11-13 23:51:33
Wonderful and image here!
Thank you for your time and award with fave!
Have a Wonderful Weekend ............................... 11-14-2015
World Diabetes Day's.
Sleep well, Eat well, Keep safe.
ABERLIN2009 2015-11-14 12:02:03

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