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Pomegranate Autumn

Pomegranate Autumn
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Pomegranate Autumn

We had been discussing the theory
of pomegranates when Meredith
wondered if only beautiful women
had the golden touch. Something

went bump in the next room
and I went to look--it was a moth
caught in a ray of confusion. As I
stepped back out onto the patio

Doran was saying he thought
any woman could save a man
as long as neither had been filtered
through dry ice or decapitated.

A siren sounded somewhere. A bird
flew through a cloud Jeremy had acquired
at the liquor store. I turned up the music
which drove everyone inside, where we

simulated a good time till dusk—
then we rearranged the furniture
of our minds and got down to the serious
business of pomegranate theory.
Date: 2004-12-02 05:18:17

pomegranate poem

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Curious, curious.
Lewesrat 2004-12-02 07:01:52

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