Author Marc Rudov Launches No-Nonsense Dating: Global Internet Service Facilitates Romance Without Chivalry, Games

Los Gatos, CA September 1, 2004 -- Marc H. Rudov, author of The Man's No-Nonsense Guide to Women: How to Succeed in Romance on Planet Earth TM (ISBN 0974501719), introduced today a global, full-function, online-dating service called No-Nonsense Dating. The new service is an adjunct to his provocative, tradition-shattering book. Rudov defines no-nonsense dating as romance without chivalry and endless games of chess—meaning no gender-based attitudes of entitlement, double standards, or competition for power. Content and ordering details of The Man's No-Nonsense Guide to Women, and access to the new No-Nonsense Dating service, are available at

"I am excited to offer No-Nonsense Dating to my trendsetting readers. Now, via one source, they can acquire the tools to eliminate nonsense from their romances, use those tools to find their no-nonsense matches, and share their experiences with others!" exclaimed Mr. Rudov. He added: "So many people complain about the drudgery and heartbreak of dating, in general, and Internet dating, in particular. Well, that's not surprising because the Internet is a convenient façade for dishonest people. On the other hand, the Web empowers the honest ones, with great efficiency and geographical reach, to find numerous, highly qualified matches -- if they know what they're doing.

"We all feel the trickle-down effects of our country's 50% divorce rate," Rudov continued, "caused in large part by people who still operate in 2004 with dating protocols from the 1950s. Fortunately, The Man's No-Nonsense Guide to Women brings people into the modern world of romance. No longer is there an excuse for sitting at home on Saturday night, alone with no prospects, or, worse, being out on the town with an incompatible date. Now, the no-nonsense solutions to improving your social life are right here!"

No-Nonsense Dating, which provides five levels of membership to subscribers around the world, is for savvy readers of The Man's No-Nonsense Guide to Women who want to eliminate old-fashioned double standards from their relationships. The basic membership level, for those who want only to search other members, is free of charge. To contact other subscribers, however, members must choose one of four fee-based levels, ranging from one month at $19.95 to 12 months at $94.95 (these fees are subject to change). No-Nonsense Dating has many contact and management features, and it enables members to select their no-nonsense matches based on a variety of characteristics such as geography, race, religion, education, physical attributes, health practices, and cultural interests.

In related news, on Thursday, September 2, 2004, at 5PM (CT), Author Rudov will appear as a guest of Mike Bunge, host of KXEL's "On the Air," to discuss his book and the No-Nonsense Dating service. Mr. Bunge, a sharp and opinionated radio personality, regularly interviews top authors, politicians, and policy analysts in his quest to tackle today's hottest issues for his Cedar Valley (Iowa) audience. KXEL, at 1540 AM, is a 50,000-watt news/talk-radio station in Waterloo, IA.

About the Book
Contrary to popular belief, Author Rudov maintains that men and women are from the same planet but, unfortunately, have been socialized differently and programmed for conflict. He counsels men that the only way to succeed with women is to remove their layers of socialized behavior and find women who have done, or are willing to do, likewise. The Man's No-Nonsense Guide to Women: How to Succeed in Romance on Planet Earth teaches them how. Both men and women have been buying the book and validating its principles.

The 137-page book (ISBN 0974501719), published by MHR Enterprises, is available for $17.95 via,,,,, Borders and Barnes & Noble stores, AtlasBooks at 800.247.6553, and The book's Website contains a Dear No-Nonsense Advisor advice column, the No-Nonsense Dating online service, No-Nonsense News, as well as Rudov's articles, radio interviews, and scheduled events.

About the Author
Marc H. Rudov, an investment banker and business consultant residing in Silicon Valley, California, received his formal education in engineering and business. He obtained his vast informal training in relationships with women through over a decade in the dating world after his divorce. In addition to his book, Mr. Rudov wrote the articles "How Every Man Can Land His Dream Woman," "The Golden Rule Dictates Your Sex Life," and "Five Myths About Women."

"How to Succeed in Romance on Planet Earth" and "Life with her needn't be an endless game of chess" are trademarks of MHR Enterprises.

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