NEW YORK, NEW YORK, October 8, 2002 - Sourire is presently promoting its Kwanzaa Kinara Sets and individual Kwanzaa Candle Cards. Each Kinara Set holds eight gifts: seven Candle Cards (one for each Kwanzaa principle) and one hand carved kinara with candles. The unique one-of-a-kind Kwanzaa Candle Cards are a series of seven cards (one for each principle) coupled with aromatic sheets of 100% bees wax in the colors designated for the principles, wick, and candle making instructions.

"The Candle Cards were originally made for craft lovers, but I realized just how educational they would be for children," says sourire founder, Marlene Reed. "And they're clean fun! The redesigned sets which have a patent pending are perfect for home, office, travel, and classroom." Reed has already approached several teachers with ideas on how to incorporate the Kwanzaa Candle Cards into multicultural classrooms K-5. For starters, the teachers should be prepared to set aside an area in their classes whereby symbols from December holidays such as Kwanzaa, Christmas, and Chanukah can rest. "Display all cultures during the same time," says Reed, "because many children attend school with others who are ‘different' but they never learn what makes these ‘differences' until they are much older." Sometime prior to winter break, Reed suggests that teachers read Kwanzaa storybooks or invite guest speakers to generate discussion about the African American holiday. Periodically, the discussion can stop so that children may busily work with the Kwanzaa Candle Cards bees wax and make each candle; then position it into the kinara. A complete set of candles can be rolled in less than thirty minutes.

At home, as each day of Kwanzaa brings gathering, candle lighting, and discussion, Kwanzaa Candle Cards can be used in conjunction with other Kwanzaa items such as: the Unity Cup, the Crops, the Mat, the Corn, and the Gifts in order to encourage participation from the entire family.

Retailers are recommendent to have the Candle Cards available to customers no later than October 15th. The 8-piece Nguzo Saba and Kinara Sets retail for $20.00 - $25.00; the Kwanzaa Candle Cards retail for $5.00 each. For more information about sourire, its Kwanzaa line, or other products please contact the company via telephone 718-573-4624, fax 718-455-8898, or email

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