Mobile Excellence and Mobilsoft work Together to Take Mobile Enabled Strategic Mind Games to a New Level

November 7 2003--'By joining forces our two companies offer a lot to each other and - not to forget - to mobile operators, our access to the end-user market', said Hans van Briemen, CEO of Mobile Excellence. 'With our 20% GPRS footprint in Europe - all i-mode operators have been contracted within a period of 6 months - our initial and promising contract with Vodafone Germany and other distribution developments outside Europe in combination with the fast growing installed base of GPRS enabled handsets our cooperative companies are now are well positioned to strengthen the distribution power even more.'

'There are a number of early indicators that tell us we have found the right partner to achieve our goals in this turbulent industry: one is that we already started working with Mobile Excellence before we have worked out all details in a mutual agreement, second is that we passed the operator governance for an initial portfolio of games with KPN, the Netherlands, BASE, Belgium and E-Plus, Germany and third, after being introduced to KPN, we have a strong confidence to be able to develop our portfolio with a comprehensive suite of games and edutainment products' said Kuzeyhan Ozdemir, Director of Mobilsoft.

Via the existing and new to develop distribution agreements; the companies will further develop their w-chess suite, w-games suite and w-edutainment suite. The services will be offered in DOJA and MIDP versions in order to reach maximum handset penetration.

'Our focus is to brand the services for the world market, as we did with w-chess by contracting the 19 year old vice-world champion Alexandra Kosteniuk, establish a unique user experience by which consumers in general and children in particular are delighted to play our games, rather than playing another arcade game and maintain the right balance between geographic - and portfolio expansion' said Martin Smink VP business development and strategy. 'We believe we discovered a new route to market by listening to the real market signals. Responses we received from our subscribers, from Foundations, focussed on initiatives to strengthen the minds and character of young people, from mobile operators and chess associations indicate clearly that we're on track.'

'Mobilsoft believes that convergence of information technology, telecommunication and media technologies will mostly affect entertainment, education and media domains and create a concurrent convergence process among these domains. As we discovered that Mobile Excellence shares this vision, not only in words but also in their activities, we expect that this cooperation will fast forward our mutual activities' said Quan Do, business development manager of Mobilsoft.

About Mobile Excellence
Mobile Excellence, established early 2003, is dedicated to provide world-class mobile enabled mind games. Within its very short history the company managed to create a leadership position with its first wireless chess product: w-chess. By adding w-games and w-edutainment to its portfolio Mobile Excellence creates new opportunities for mobile operators and large private enterprises to reach a fast growing customer base with positive and educational content.

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About Mobilsoft
Mobilsoft, established early 2001 as a Meteksan System and Computer Technologies Inc. spin off and a company of Bilkent Holding with 30 years experience in the IT market, It defines itself as a content and software development house focusing on education, entertainment and media domains

With its highly qualified workforce within disciplines such as; computer and electronics engineers, animators, multimedia programmers, composers, video editors and education technologists; the company is ready to execute its mission to provide world-class software products, services and creative multimedia content on cross platforms including internet, mobile, digital TV and electronic media.

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