launches. Now Play the most popular online games such as Chess and Backgammon for real money. is the first site to offer one-on-one competition for real money in games-of-skill.

Portland, Ore. Over 30 million people on the Internet play games such as Chess, Backgammon, Checkers and others. has brought a new, and legal, dimension to these games where players actually put up their own money and challenge others, with the winner taking the pot.

WinnerZone is able to do this legally by offering only "games-of-skill". No Blackjack or Craps here. This is not a Casino and nothing like it exists in the bricks and mortar world. WinnerZone is not located offshore, has no stake in the outcome of any game and has no way of even potentially ripping off its customers, as many fear "traditional" online casinos do.

WinnerZone ensures fair play in all games by a patent-pending business method that allows the challenged player to reject the second in combined with a patent-pending rating system that takes in to account not only who won and who lost, but the respective ratings of the players and the amount wagered.

Games initially offered include Chess, Backgammon, Checkers, Go-Moku, and Reversi. Plans for the future include Cribbage, Hearts and Spades as well as Video games. "Basically anything that can be played mano-a-mano will be offered on our site" says the founder, Kenneth Hartog.

Contact: Kenneth Hartog
Ph: (310) 261-5351
Fax: (707) 215-1681, Inc.
121 S.W. Salmon St.
Portland, Or. 97204

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