BRS Media's dotFM Announces Internet Radio offers listeners a wealth of choices.

San Francisco, CA. November 19,2003 - BRS Media's dotFM®, the exclusive worldwide registry for Web addresses ending in .FM, announced today that Internet radio listeners have an array of choices in "tuning in" .FM stations Online. Everything from the world's only chess-oriented Internet radio station at Chess.FM to all Christmas music @ Ricks.FM.

"Internet Radio brings an enormous variety of stations and choices to web listeners." remarked George T. Bundy, Chairman & CEO of BRS Media Inc. "It's remarkable, the number of options that are available Online, everything from Ethno and Electronic music to the worlds first all Chess radio station!" adding, "We're also pleased to see so many utilizing the exceptional branding power of a .FM domain."

Some of the more unique .FM sites webcasting worldwide include:

· Chess.FM the worlds only chess-oriented Internet radio station. It's All Chess, All the Time @
· Last.FM a streaming radio station that attempts to learn its listeners' likes and dislikes. The station delivers a personalized radio stream to each of its listeners @
· Digitally Imported the #1 Online Shoutcast Internet-Radio. DI.FM is a multi-channel Internet radio service specializing in Electronic Dance Music genres @
· eJazz.FM the site for Jazz Heads worldwide. eJazz.FM is #1 Online Jazz Radio station offer over 200 jazz audio programs @
· Jack.FM "Playing What We Want"(tm)! Your source for radio that doesn't suck! @
· Jenny.FM plays techno, trance, house & electronic music from Germany @
· Christmas feelings on Ricks.FM listen to the most wonderful Christmas songs @
· Emap.FM is Internet R@dio for World Wide Ethno Music and Reports @

BRS Media currently offers .FM domain names to anyone interested in obtaining their own "Great Sounding Web Address!" at dotFM ( or through any of our affiliates, .FM registrars, and marketing partners worldwide.

BRS Media, a member of the National Association of Broadcasters, the International Webcasting Association and the Webcaster Alliance, is a full service Internet e-commerce firm that helps radio and multimedia web sites build and brand on the power of the Web. The Company's Online divisions include: dotFM®, dotAM®, dotzTV, & dotzCD, domain registrar of premium multimedia domains (.FM, .AM, .TV, & .CD); iDotz.Net ( domain registrar of all gTLD domains (.com, .net, .org, .biz, & .info), as well as, boutique domains (.bz, .us, .cc, .nu, & .ws); iRRP.Net ( domain registration, reseller and management system; @Radio.FM, a free Web based email service; and the ever-popular Web-Radio, the leading portal for "tuning in" radio on the Internet. BRS Media Inc. can be found on the World Wide Web at dotFM and dotAM are registered trademarks of BRS Media, Inc.

For more information contact:

Junaid Siddiqui
BRS Media Inc.
760 Market St Suite 958
San Francisco, CA. 94102
Tel: 415-677-4027
Fax: 415-677-4025

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