A Battle of Intellect and Power on a World Scale

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. – The world is about to fight a war like no other. People claim robots are threatening to steal human intellectual property and take over the world. Now the two species are fighting on the world political scale, as well as one of the most intellectual games of all: chess. In Aditya Mittal's new book, Fierce Game of Foolish Geniuses: The Opening of Chess, war is played out by world leaders, ordinary people and specialized artificial intelligence and all represent pieces in an intricate game of chess with immeasurable stakes.

Told in a unique style, Mittal's book moves from reality to fantasy as he describes what's happening in the political realm with the battle against the robots, moving immediately to an event's corresponding chess move. Captivating, suspenseful dialogue among the leaders for the humans–the United Nations, World Bank and other leaders–regarding the political and tactical developments in reality, as well as events on the robot side are followed by details of corresponding chess moves. In the chess game description, Mittal delves into the ideas of fate, dreams, chance and leadership, describing the moves of the pieces. An innovative way of visualizing world political events, the chess game also illustrates the vast differences between these two species: humans and robots.

Fierce Game of Foolish Geniuses: The Opening of Chess is the first book in a series to complete this "game." The book describes 21 of the 118 moves in this story. As the robots take on the newly formed United Nations Human Gene Superiority Committee, humans must adopt nanotechnology while robots must pick up human philosophy in order to infiltrate the other's stronghold.

This fantasy story is mixed with the tradition and reverence of chess, a game of skill, cunning, logic and intellect.

Mittal is a Syracuse University student majoring in computer engineering and physics. A seasoned self-teacher, he routinely learns subjects and topics on his own. As a first-year student, he has completed high-level computer and science classes and has been invited to take higher level physics courses as a result of his achievements. He plans to make his recently created board game, "Authority," into a computer game, and complete the remaining books in this series. Although he is now stays on Syracuse University campus, currently, he is 18 years old and is visiting his parents in Westborough, MA where he earlier graduated from Westborough High School. Before he leaves for school again in end of August, he plans to have a small book signing in the Westborough Public Library and donate some of the profits to the library's cause. He also offers a scholarship of $50-200 based upon the profits from his book, for more details please refer to www.geocities.com/fiercegameoffoolishgeniuses.

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