Discussion Underway to Arrance First Chinese Chess Championship this Fall

NEW YORK June 3, 2004--London and New York based game promoters, RTG Ventures, Inc., (RTGV.OB), and Huamonde Tours USA are in discussions to establish a joint venture to launch the inaugural Chinese Chess Championship in the fall of 2004.

The project will incorporate many unique elements including a global knockout/elimination tournament on the internet. Huamonde, whose parent company is based in Beijing with real estate, hotel and tourism interests, plans to use the event to arrange special tours for Chinese ex-patriate Chess enthusiasts of which there are estimated to be thousands living throughout the U.S. The tours will be centered on the semi-finals and gala final to be held in Beijing.

Yan Jun Sun, the President of Huamonde Tours USA, who was formerly in charge of the Chinese government tourist offices in the U.S., believes that the championship, with its promise of major publicity and television coverage, could succeed in generating a new and highly lucrative form of travel and cultural exchange between China and the U.S. "This event is a unique opportunity to build greater understanding between the west and a rapidly changing China and its particularly fitting that we utilize a Chinese Chess championship - a sport which has been revered by my countrymen for many generations," he said.

Linda Perry, the CEO of RTGV, said that the knockout qualifying rounds will be played via the Internet on special game sites and that she was hopeful that current plans could be brought together in time to start the Internet sector in August. She said that the semi-finals and final games which are to be played in Beijing, would then take place in September and predicted that the event would generate considerable regional and global media coverage "A much smaller event held in China a few years ago attracted hours of television coverage in China and several Southeast Asian countries."

Ms. Perry said that RTGV was happy with the progress her company had made thus far with Huamonde. "We are, both of us, intrigued by the notion of merging Chinese Chess an ancient and revered game played by many thousands of people in China and throughout the world with a leading edge internet component. In a very real and positive way, we are linking the past with the present."

Ms. Perry said that the competition, the first of its kind, would provide a unique sponsorship and advertising platform for the U.S. companies seeking to penetrate the Chinese governmental, corporate and consumer markets at the highest levels. "We have also created the perfect corporate and consumer platform for Chinese companies," she said.

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